A Sinful Supper!! Seven deadly Sins- Alternative wedding inspiration

What do the EWE suppliers do on their days off? They bring their wedding awesomeness into creative projects like this, The Seven Deadly Sins shoot!!


Everyone thinks that the wedding industry is a world of beige or all hearts and various shades of white and pink but we are here to bring together creative and unique individuals who are trying (and succeeding) to break through this stereotype.

Most of them (who we like to call The Baaad asss Mother flockers) you will find as part of the alternative wedding collective known as the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza a.k.a EWE….their motto is “Don’t be a wedding sheep!! It’s all about EWE!!”

As a wedding photographer who specialises in unique, alternative weddings I wanted to pull together a shoot to show case the incredible skills of some very talented people that have helped form our band of Bad Ass Mo Flo’s over the last few years (and some new folks too).
The ‘EWE’ team!!

The shoot was based on the idea of the last supper for the seven deadly sins with a Gothic Horror twist. The video is a work of art from Richard Wakefield who wanted to bring a real American horror story feel to it and it is actually pretty terrifying…..you’ve been warned!!

<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/aCcZ7wbeDXI” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

The amazing venue was absolutely perfect for my “Old Masters” vision of the shoot. Woodchester Mansion has an interesting history and is rumoured to be haunted. It’s a beautiful venue which also holds weddings. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and right on our doorstep in the Cotswolds!!

I involved my awesome EWE partner Jo and her team at the Couture Company based in Birmingham (U.K.) to create some gorgeous bespoke gowns specifically for each character. Focussing on Lust , Envy and Wrath they created the most wondrous and perfectly complimenting outfits for those diverse and strong characters. Their looks created in partnership with the dream hair and beauty team made up of my long time friend and incredibly talented hair artiste Zarla, and the wonderfully creative make-up artistry of Natalie Flewitt.

We were absolutely overjoyed when the incredible and somewhat famous U.K. gruesome cake designer Annabel from the Conjurer’s Kitchen agreed to sculpt some gory and gluttonous cakes to suit the theme. There was a mouldy looking Croquembouche and an incredible gluttony inspired cake with teeth and marzipan maggots!!

Set creation and floral design was magic’d up by the epic Amy and Amanda from Ava Event Styling. The intricate birds nest style centre pieces and fantastic floral creations and styling were out of this world and the set dressing brought every creative involved into the story perfectly.

On top of this I was lucky enough to have talented crockery designer Charlotte Clarke, whose ceramic masterpieces were individually created with each and every character and sin involved. We also had the superb stationer Satin and Tat come up with the some epic tarot card style cards for the table.

I’m a huge believer in diversity and this usually comes out in my model selection. I am incredibly lucky to have some amazing diverse and creative friends who all did an amazing job. I am particularly proud to have had Syluss, who’s a friend of mine who I’m utterly inspired by as he’s a very proud transexual gentleman who’s designing his own clothing range to help educate the world and help the trans community be proud of their journey.

Our Pride was played by the amazing Virgin Xtravaganza who is one the most insanely talented London drag stars and was perfect to play the role at the very centre of the shoot.

Envy was played wonderfully by Jen aka Roughened Rosebud.

whilst we called on my good friend and personal tattooist Nic to be our Lust. She was our luscious Lolita in Red we saw her unrequited advances to our faded rock star Sloth played by my friend from school Frazer.

Wrath was played by my old pal Taz,and she is just the best for getting into the zone on a shoot, and believe me with her screaming and clawing at me from 6” away from my camera lens I was totally freaked out.

Last but not least was the amazing Vikki who stripped off to be our Gluttony, she really threw herself in to the role despite the chill in the air!!

This shoot was so much fun to pull together. I will be forever grateful for the huge team of creative people we had involved in the shoot. Whilst I know it might not inspire couples to go full Gothic horror for their big day I hope it shows that you can be brave and do things your way.

Original concept and photography by Assassynation
I: @assassynation F: www.facebook.com/Assassynation W: www.assassynation.co.uk

Cinematography by Richard-Wakefield Photography
I: @richardwakefield F: www.facebook.com/richardwakefieldphotography W: richard-wakefield.co.uk

Venue – Woodchester Mansion
I: @woodchester_mansion F: www.facebook.com/pages/Woodchester-Mansion W: www.woodchestermansion.org.uk/

Styling by Amy from Ava Event Styling
I: @avaeventstyling F: www.facebook.com/avaeventstyling W: www.avaeventstyling.com

Dresses by The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns
I: @coutureco F: www.facebook.com/The.Couture.Company W: www.the-couture-company.co.uk

Cakes by Conjurer’s Kitchen
I: @conjurers_kitchen F: www.facebook.com/conjurerskitchen W: www.conjurerskitchen.com

Crockery by Charlotte Clark Designer Maker
I: @cclarkedesignermaker F: www.facebook.com/CharlotteClarkDesignerMaker W: www.charlotteclarkdesignermaker.co.uk

Suit for Greed – Frank from Urban Village Vintage Clothing

Pride’s outfit – Model’s own
Pride’s Headpiece – Hysteria Machine
I: @hysteriamachine

Stationary by Satin and Tat Wedding Stationery.
I: @satin_and_tat F: www.facebook.com/satinandtat W: www.satinandtat.co.uk

Shoes – Frankie Lynn’s Shoe Emporium
I: @frankielynnshoemaker F: www.facebook.com/FrankieLynnsEmporium W: www.frankielynnemporium.com

Hair by Zarla
I: @zarla_hair W: www.zarla.co

Makeup by Natalie Flewitt Make-Up Artist
I: @natalie_flewitt_mua F: www.facebook.com/natalieflewittmua W: www.natalieflewittmakeup.com

Wardrobe assistant – Yasmin Farrell

Photography assistant – Jason Jones

Pride – Virgin Xtravaganzah
I: @virgin_xtravaganzah F: www.facebook.com/virginxtravaganzah W: www.virginxtravaganzah.com

Wrath – Tarren Malham
F: www.facebook.com/rubyloustattoos

Lust – Nic Smith
F: www.facebook.com/songbirdtattooexeter

Sloth – Frazer Hooper

Envy – Roughened Rose Bud – Model
I: @roughenedrosebud F: www.facebook.com/Roughenedrosebud

Greed – Syluss
F: www.facebook.com/transgentlemansguild

Gluttony – Vikki Lafford-Garside
W: www.liliia.co.uk

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