Flower Power by Folkey Dokey-Dried Flower Accessories and Arrangements

We are so pleased to welcome brand new Mo’ Flo’ to our eclectic flock, Folky Dokey,

Folky Dokey is a small floral creative based in Derbyshire and run by maker and designer Geraldine. Folky Dokey pieces are handmade to order using locally sourced, home dried, preserved flowers and grasses wherever possible, to create beautiful, EWEnique accessories for the non traditional bride that will last for years to come.

We caught up with Geraldine to see why she cant wait to get to EWE!!

What has inspired you to come to the Extravaganza?

I tend to avoid wedding fairs usually, they just don’t excite me and then I heard of EWE, now I can’t wait to meet the couples and unique suppliers exhibiting……plus there’s a PARTY!

What Kind of Service do you offer and why will it appeal to our Flockers?

I create flower crowns, bouquets, wreath’s and wedding accessories from dried and preserved flowers for couples who want their flowers to last longer than the guests hangover’s. Preserved flowers have been treated so that they look fresh for years to come, they come in some amazing  colours and are fab if you’re getting hitched abroad.

What Inspires you and your business?

It’s probably been said before but it really is the  couples I work with, they’re just so diverse which pushes me to keep expecting more from myself and the ingredients I use. A working day can start by putting together a pastel pink wand for a flower girl and end with me adding the final black rose to a gothic bouquet. I never get bored! 

What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

Trust your gut, only you two know what works for you and if it doesn’t don’t be afraid to drop it. It really is all about EWE. 

Will you be offering any special offers or discounts for attendees at the show?

I’ll be offering 5 free buttonholes with every order over £100 to all EWE couples who attend the show


To see more from Folky Dokey, click the link below


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