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We have some old favourite and brand spankingly nEWE Mo’ Flo’s coming back with some slices of all things nice to our November show.


We have some truly phenomenal sweet treaters and cake makers coming to our show with an absolute array of goodies that you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into.  We have cakes in every theme possible; From 80’s horror films, retro gaming, anatomical artistry, visions in vintage, star wars, unicorns, mermaids and much much more, we are sure you’ll find the just desserts for EWE

Check out more from our crafty cakers below.

Black Cherry Cake Company

Hey there, I’m Tracey!

I am a gold award winning cake designer in the UK who specialises in alternative wedding cakes! Black Cherry Cake Company is for the alternative, twisted, gruesome, and awesome 🙂

Here you will find gamer, horror, gruesome, gory, movie themed geeky cakes – basically awesome nerd stuff that will make your Grandma’s Victoria sponge cake whimper.


I have a love of all things 80’s, horror, gaming, Freddy Krueger, Disney, skulls, cake (obviously!) classic films like the Goonies!, and general cute and geeky things.



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Daisy and Fred

Hi I’m Rebecca and I run Daisy & Fred.  I’ve been making cakes for about 5 years. I started making cupcakes and eventually got into making novelty cakes.


Jay Emme Photgraphy


When I got married in 2013, I was planning to create a beautiful vintage, five tier wedding cake for my husband and myself.  He, however, had other ideas; he wanted a Star Wars themed wedding cake with a Chewbacca in a suit as a topper and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (he shares his name with the actor that plays Chewbacca and my favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast – so quite fitting)


Jay Emme Photography

I said “No Way!!!” but I felt so bad that I made him a surprise groom’s cake.  I was really pleased with how it turned out so I sent a picture of the cake to Peter Mayhew A.K.A Chewbacca and he liked it so much that he re-tweeted it to his 149,000 followers!


Jay Emme Photography

Ever since then, Daisy & Fred was born from the demand for the more unusual wedding cake. What wedding guest will forget the Batman cake or the wedding where the couple had a Tardis for a cake?


Jay Emme Photography

Daisy loves all things vintage while Fred loves superheroes, sci-fi and all the things boys enjoy.  So here at Daisy and Fred we produce vintage wedding cakes and groom’s cakes which reflect the unique personalities of both our brides and grooms, giving their guests a cake with a wow factor they will remember forever.  Let Daisy and Fred help you to make the most of that one-off occasion.


Jay Emme Photography

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Conjurers Kitchen

Leaning towards more unusual and creatively decorated cakes, our creations range from artistic to anatomical, and from creepy to occasionally cute with everything in between. We take commissions for all types of cakes and have a variety of flavours for you to choose from, ranging from traditional to adventurous.



All cakes are individually designed and prices are governed by intricacy of design and size. When the design of the cake will not yield the amount of portions required, rather than compromising the design, we will provide another, plain cake to make up the numbers. We do not make “just a simple sponge cake”, those can be bought at the supermarket. Here even the most basic designs are well thought out and personalised.




After all, cake is more than just a dessert. It’s a feature at an event – something people will remember. Nobody ever takes photos of the salad or fancy napkins, right?


In this kitchen we create more than just cakes, several other delicious treats and edible oddities are available. If it’s delightfully decorated bespoke biscuits, chocolate creations or tasty treats, we can help design your food fantasies.


We bring your dreams and nightmares to life, in cake form.  The more unusual the request, the happier we are. Nothing is too weird for the Conjurer’s Kitchen! Seriously….

Jay Emme Photography

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Tiny Sarah’s Cakes




Tiny Sarah’s Cakes is a luxury cake, cupcake and treat company based in Woodley, Berkshire.  If you are looking for vegan wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, a cake because cakes are freaking awesome – I believe you have come to the right place!



Tiny Sarah’s cakes is the story of a rainbow haired French baker (secretly a mermaid too) obsessed with cakes, cats, weddings, tattoos and tea.



My cakes are made with love, mostly organic ingredients and most importantly, they are designed to fit you and your unique personality only. They are vegan- but to be fair, they’re so good, you don’t actually have to be vegan to eat them! My style is cute meets very cute meets sparkle meets nonsense meets wonderlands meets gold meets flowers meets one of a kind.

I hope they make you as happy as they make me!

So if you are looking for (choose from) beautiful, handcrafted, made with love, vegan, gluten free or soy free or nut free or all the above, almost all organic cakes made by a unicorn mermaid tiny person, you have come to the right place. I hope you enjoy this visit in a tiny part of my world, because I’m sure try to fill it with joy, happiness and laughter.





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