Bet EWE look good on the DanceFloor!!-BAAAAdass Bands and DJ’s

If you are looking for some awesome music entertainment to help EWE and your guests “shear” some shapes on the dance floor, then look no further.

From helping you make a grand entrance to keeping you and your guests moving, these fabulous flockers know how keep EWE dancing all night long.


We Bring The Decks – We Bring The Party.
WEDDINGS… they all deserve an amazing soundtrack and it should be mixed by loving hands.  A resident club and festival DJ with over 20 years experience of smashing dance floors and keeping people dancing all night long. I will help ‘EWE’ create the perfect playlist and play the music that ‘EWE’ love. Rockin’ a wicked bowtie and armed with a pair of turntables Deckheds will “put the needle on the record” and make your perfect day complete. 

Dancin’ shoes essential – sore feet guaranteed. 

“KARL SHOULD BE EVERYONE’S DJ FOREVER” – Emma Case (Emma Case Photography) 

Chris Barbar

Emma Boileau
Chris Barbar

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Disco Wed DJs all learned their skills working in the music business. We have played all over the world and have vast experience of packing out dance-floors at all types of events, from huge festivals to club nights, parties and of course, wedding receptions.

Instead of a random selection of tunes played in an even more random order and constantly interrupted with corny microphone banter, we work with you on a playlist, then expertly craft a mix of songs that everyone knows and loves – flowing seamlessly from genre to genre and keeping the dance-floor busy by never missing a beat from first dance to last.

Eliza Claire Photography


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Heavy Beat Brass Band

Heavy Beat Brass Band are the UKs youngest, most authentic New Orleans style brass band, bringing the atmosphere and sprit of New Orleans to the UK. Remixing modern Pop, Rock, Funk and Jazz with the sounds of a roaring Mardi-Gras Brass Band. HBBB are guaranteed to get the party started.

Claire Turner Photography
Jay Emme Photography
Stevie Coquillon Photography
Stevie Coquillon Photography
Jay Emme Photography

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