We Love EWE by Jamball Creations and why they can’t wait for our Alternative Wedding Fair

We thought you might like to here about the show from one of our Bad ass Mo Flo’s and hear about why they love EWE so much, that they have never missed a show!!

 The Flock- Photo by Jay Emme Photography

The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza has become the de rigueur wedding fair for alternative and artisan nearly weds to visit.  As a supplier to such discriminating and conscientious couples we find it to be the only show that we ever have to do. The footfall of fabulous people has risen and risen year on year and the standard of work that we as suppliers have to put in to provide this footfall has risen with it.


Jamball bouquet with Elisabeth Armstrong gown- Jay Emme Photography

As a result we have become much more accomplished as vendors to compete with the unparalleled talent that is available. Jamball creations are Exclusive suppliers to EWE as we truly believe that it is THE BEST Wedding fair to attend. In the five years in which we have attended we have become part of an unequalled cartel of super skilled suppliers that we consider to be some of our true friends. In fact it feels like were all one big happy family flocking together to make our couples day that bit more extra special.


Disco Wed photographed by Mo Flo Assassynation

We have met and watched Stars of the industry rise around us. We were at the stand next to Paddy’s DiscoWed (aka DiscoShed) at the very first EWE before he was on George Clarks shed of the year. DiscoShed has grown bigger and bigger every year and he truly is a legend.


Charlotte Clark Designer Maker – photo Jay Emme Photography

We’ve watched as Charlotte Clark‘s empire of ceramics has grown from designer china to an all encompassing range of curiously macabre goodies that would compliment anyone’s home.


Deckheads– photo Jay Emme Photography

Karl and Kate of Deckheds have been at every EWE up to the present one and they can’t attend this year as they are fully booked (hows that for success!).


The Couture Company and Assassynation

We have had brides who have chosen the fabulous Sassy from Assassynation for their Photographer, Jo from The Couture Company for their absolutely awesome dress and had their bouquet and accessories from us. This has happened a number of times and as we all know each other so well we have worked closely together to make everything that bit more exceptional when everything is combined.



We’ve even worked with Kerry from Bouquet chic unique in which we made a bouquet each for a couple wanted our two different styles for their big day. Our individual techniques complimented each other beautifully and shows how we are all part of a bigger & better thing.


The Curious Coco girls in the parade- photo by Jay Emme Photography

A wedding fair that is really a community of like-minded experts who band together to ensure that these nearly-weds get a truly remarkable and unique day that they will remember forever.

Long live EWE.

Pete and Jaime Ball from Jamball

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