The BAAAd Ass Mother Flockers of the 2018 Spring Show 17th-18th of March (Part 5)

Happy Valentines Day Flockers!!!

Here at EWE HQ we are all about the love, so as a special treat, we are announcing a few more Mo’ Flo’s that will be joining us at our spectacular Spring Show.  The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza will be coming back to The Bond, Birmingham on the 17th and 18th of March and coming with us will be a whole lot of incredible wedding suppliers who all want to help you do “your day, your way”. As if this wasn’t enough, we are also joined by our amazing show sponsor and one of the biggest names in the alternative wedding industry, Kat from Rock N Roll Bride!!!

To find out more about Rock N Roll Bride and the other suppliers in our fabEWElous flock, read on below.


Rock N’ Roll Bride

Launched in 2007, Rock n Roll Bride is one of the biggest wedding blogs in the world. Updated daily, the site and its’ accompanying print magazine attracts quirky, alternative and creative readers from all over the planet. 

 The brainchild of Kat Williams, the site came about while she was planning her own wedding in 2008. After becoming jaded by the limited offerings of the UK wedding industry, Kat saw a niche for alternative wedding inspiration and ran with it!  

Rock n Roll Bride magazine, a bi-monthly, nationally available magazine was launched in 2015. Issue 1, released in January of that year, was reported by the distribution company as the fastest and best selling debut issue of a magazine ever. It also sold out for online orders within 72 hours, with over 1000 copies selling in the first day alone. The magazine is available to buy in WHSmiths, Sainsburys, Easons (Ireland), selected independent newsagents and online via

Boombastic Events

Supplying top of the range LED 3 channel Silent Disco headphones. Available to hire for parties, weddings, exhibitions, festivals and any other fun idea you may have!!! Full event consultation and setup available with over 15 years of experience in event management and party planning. 


Our Headphones are: 

Fully rechargeable wireless headsets 

3 channels of music switchable – LED colour changing ears! 

Range of up to 500 metres away from the transmitter Easy to change volume and super sound quality Packages include transmitters.

Chirping Bird Press

My name is Stephanie Burrows and I own Chirping Bird Press, a small jewellery and block printing business based in Yorkshire, UK. My pieces are hand crafted with time and love and no two are the same. The inspiration for my work comes from nature, which is reflected in the birds and butterflies you see before you.

Curious Coco

Curious coco is the cute and slightly naughty little sister of The Couture company!!  Featuring all the colour and sparkles that are guaranteed to make your wedding party pop with rainbow goodness  

In a world of wedding beige we want to splash the colour wherever we go! 

Our aim is to be super bright and offer a real alternative to traditional bridesmaids options, as we know weddings these days can be so unique. We just love the bright colours in the tulle teamed with the super sparkly sequins and shimmery lining fabrics on the skirts.We offer a diverse collection of often “mix and match” items, so you girls who wanna have fun can do so and put your own stamp and style on the frocks. Everything is customizable even down to our cute appliqued motifs so our outfits can be as EWEnique as you are!

Maison De Cantern

I design and make unique and beautiful hats and headpieces. I am lucky to be able to work looking out at the Shropshire countryside. All my hats are bespoke and crafted with attention to detail and given a personal touch to ensure the design is perfect for you. 


When I married my hubby in 2008 I wasn’t a photographer and had no idea about photography. I made a bad decision about my photography as I just didn’t understand how difficult a job it actually is.  I think this experience has definitely moulded the photographer I have become. I’m happy to say that in December 2013 we renewed our wedding vows in our most favourite place on the planet…..this time we made sure we nailed the photos and video!!

I am an energetic, enthusiastic bundle of wedding excitement, I genuinely LOVE shooting weddings, so much so that I travel all over the world and have shot nearly 200 weddings in a few short years. I have been named as one of Rangefinders Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2013….a prestigious award that has previously given to some of the world’s most inspiring, up and coming wedding photographers.   In me you don’t just get a photographer pressing a button all day…..oh no!!!

You get…..

A wedding planning friend who loves hearing all about the details in the run up to the big day!!   A wealth of wedding supplier knowledge, plenty of great advice on the tricky situations that can crop up while you’re trying to work out the details. Someone who is as excited about your big day as you are, An artist (yes it sounds pretentious but it’s true),  A diplomat (for those times when Auntie Joan is demanding a million group shots you don’t want). I love getting to share in my customer’s big days, it’s always such a huge honour.

Jester Styles

 Jester Styles provides the highest quality wedding magic, with a twist!  As well as card tricks, his skills also include but are not limited to, the manipulation of metal, mind reading, and hypnosis! If your tastes are of the darker persuasion, then why not ask him about his Voodoo Dolls, Ouija Board, or razor blade routines? These things, combined with much more, are what make Jester Styles such a unique and intriguing choice for any event and will undoubtedly appeal to most, if not all, of the flockers in attendance as he is so diverse in what he has to offer. 

Crown & Glory

Sophie Cooke is one half of Crown and Glory. Together with  her partner in crime Gareth, the only glitter-covered, rugby-playing, hair accessory production manager in the UK (probably) they design and manufacture Crown and Glory’s cute-as a button animal ears, loud and proud floral crowns and more sparkly bows than you can shake a stick at from their cosy Cornish studio.

Madison Rocks Floral Sculpture

 From Our stunning Giant Paper Flower wall backdrops installations, Alternative Cake Toppers and Quirky, Weird and wonderful and by that I mean flashing, music playing and candy dispensing (Yes you heard that right) Brooch Bouquets ,We have everything to add that OMG What The…….. to your wedding day


Pizza Al Forno

A family run artisan wood-fired mobile pizza kitchen making fresh pizzas on site. Bringing a burst of mouth watering southern Italian flavours to your special event.

To check out the rest of our awesome suppliers, click the link here

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