Meet the Mo Flo’s of the Autumn 2018 Show 10th-11th of November (Part 4)

Do you know what’s happening on the 10th and 11th of November? We do! Its The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza! Its back at The Bond and we cant wait for ewe to meet all our Baaad Ass Mo’ Flo’s.

All our suppliers are some of the best alternative suppliers around and we have brought them all together for EWE!


Jester Styles simply has to be seen to be believed! His EWE’nique mix of magic, mind reading and metal bending is guaranteed to leave you and your guests wowed and entertained. Best known for his fire and ice magic you won’t find more exciting Wedding entertainment!


From their stunning Giant paper flower wall backdrops complete with illuminated neon sign to “Off the Wall” cake toppers and Eclectic Alternative Brooch bouquets that flash and plays music (Yes you heard that right!) they have everything to add that OMG What The!!! to your wedding day.


Truffle and Podge work with liquid resin to create beautifully bespoke and utterly unique hairpieces and accessories. They love colour of any kind and really enjoy juxtaposing quite feminine looking pieces with hard metal type details. T&P put their heart & soul into each of their pieces, working closely with you to ensure you absolutely adore the final product. There’s no better feeling than creating a brides dream piece and knowing that they are over the moon with their commission.


EWE’nique photo booths including a Classic VW and a Vintage Caravan! As well as a more traditional indoor booth that is also available. Personalised print out artwork, unlimited print outs and a guest book are all included as standard. With over four years of photo booth experience EWE are in good hands with these guys.


Multi award winning, alternative wedding cakes made in Birmingham. From chic to geek, D&F specialise in elegant cakes, fun Star Wars themed, Disney, naked wedding cakes and gravity defying show stoppers. Let Daisy & Fred help you to make the most of that one-off occasion.



An Independent Celebrant that designs, creates and performs tailor-made wedding ceremonies that are totally EWE!! Every ceremony is different so that it reflects the characters, beliefs, philosophies and preferences of the couple! It can be weird, gothic, quirky, spiritual, insane, bohemian or anything EWE want it to be. The main aim is that it is truly EWE!

What EWE waiting for come and get your tickets here!

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