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The Chief Mo Flos

An introduction to your Chief Mother Flockers… Sassy, Jo , and Yasmin   pictured with Vikki (original Mo flo).

The idea for the event was created in 2012 when they realised that traditional wedding fairs just weren’t working for them so they decided to create a magical space where the UK’s quirkiest, coolest and most awesome suppliers could come together to share their creativity and meet like-minded couples.

Image (right) by Baaad Ass Mother Flocker Boxless Booths


I’m Sassy also known as photographer Assassynation.
I am also a damn fine tea maker and a slightly less great singer.
I love these !!!!
these …….
these 🙂 🙂 🙂
and these xxxx
But mostly I love cars, cats, tatts and crazy bad ass weddings (and not so crazy but still bad ass weddings).
JoDesigner at The Couture Co
Hi, I’m Jo…you might otherwise know me from running my other businesses, The Couture Company (where we make crazy ass wedding frocks for all you non-traditionalists out there) the other is Rawhide Corsets ( where we make custom made bespoke corsetry) and all this is done down at our gloriously awesome studio in Birmingham’s creative industrial heart, Digbeth .

At home I have two big kids, one is 45 , Darren , the other is our human pet superhero Age 7!!
Life is pretty hectic juggling all these, but I love them all so its all good !!

The best things in my life are Friendship and Laughter!!! (oh and wine!) x

Hi I’m Yasmin

I’ve been working at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza from the very beginning. Working my way up from a dresser to an assistant, I noticed a weak one in the herd….Vikki the Vegan. Like a majestic lioness in the wild, I stalked my prey, striking when the moment was right…just kidding!! I run Curious Coco Designs, love badass weddings, cheese, 8 out of 10 cats, sparkly things and as you can probably tell, David Attenborough.

Side note. No Vegans or Vikki’s were harmed by Yasmin. I promise Vikki is doing just fine 🙂