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Happy Bleats

Lovely feedback from some
real life baad ass
Mother-flocker loving couples!

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We made it through the snow!

We battled through snow to our first EWE, so glad we did. Not only did we meet some delightful people, but we found our awesome photographer Sassy (Assassynation), my perfect wedding dress via the amazing Jo (The Couture Company) and the magically-macabre Conjurer’s Kitchen made our delicious wedding cake. Despite having everything booked, we still visited EWE a second time for inspiration and can’t wait to go again!


The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-custom-made-wedding-quirky-dresses-rockabilly-1950s-tea-length-swing-vintage-plus-size-curvy-bride-embroidered-lace-dress-bride-lilac-purple-heart-assassynation (13)

The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-custom-made-wedding-bridal-quirky-dresses-unusual-corpse-bride-tim-burton-gothic-graveyard-vintage-curvy-corset-bride-embroidered-lace-tuille-tattoo-pierced-dress (24)

Perfect for a ‘Corpse Bride’

“We loved the show, it’s great fun and a great way to find things for the wedding.
We found loads of Mo-Flos at the show: The Couture Company, Assassynation, Frankie Lynn’s Emporium, and Le Keux Vintage Salon.

The Couture Company were absolutely fantastic and made the most amazing dress, it really was more than I ever imagined. Jo took the idea from my head and created it. Most dress shops and dressmakers are very pushy for what they want, but at Couture Company they want to make EWE happy, which is exactly what EWE need with all the other stress and worries about organizing a wedding.

Assassynation, well what can I say about Sassy, she’s amazing! EWE really make a new friend, she makes you feel so comfortable from the time EWE book her, not just on the big day. She will help EWE every step of the way, emails and phone calls to make sure she knows exactly what you want and every time we spoke it was like talking to a friend I hadn’t seen for years. On the day of the wedding Sassy arrived giving me a massive hug and even helped my mum with getting me in my dress, what other photographer would do that? At the actual wedding I didn’t feel like I had a photographer walking around for the whole thing, we had another guest, and she is definitely a friend for life now!!!

Frankie Lynn’s Emporium, Frankie is amazing, she has such a creative mind. I just told her about my Corpse Bride dress and that I wanted some shoes to go with it. Voila!!! That night I had an email, with a sketch of the amazing shoes she then created for me. I simply fell in love with them and that was that.

Le Keux Vintage Salon, when I saw these at the show I simply wished that they could do my hair and makeup every day, so I just knew I needed them for the wedding. Me and my maid of honour both had our hair and makeup done. We had Megan come out for the trial and she worked her magic and looked great, so we couldn’t wait until the wedding day, but it soon came flying around the corner. Megan came on the wedding day and did it all over again for us and it isn’t like having a stranger giving you a makeover it is like having a mate getting EWE ready for a night out.

All in all everyone of the Mo-Flos were fantastic and it was really nice to have people as excited about the wedding as we were, and everyone of them were. I still be returning to the next show to see everyone and would always recommend them all and the show to everyone I meet.

A massive thank EWE to EWE and all the Mo-Flos for helping us have the perfect day!


Ewe and me are family 🙂

“Well what can I say about EWE? AWESOME!!! We certainly wouldn’t have had the most fantastic day ever if we hadn’t of attended this event.I felt like a kid in a sweet shop not knowing which stall to go to first. Before attending here I couldn’t find what I was looking for and was fed up of the negative looks if I dared mention some of the ideas we had.

The Couture Company was my first stop and straight away I knew they were the ones for designing and making my dress. Absolutely beautiful and Jo and her staff were very approachable.

The amazing Assassynation had the most eye catching photos and I knew sassy was the one for us. Again was not disappointed, the photos were amazing and sassy is such a lovely lady to work and get on with.


Jamball created my bouquets, giant lollipop, and corsages. The most amazing personalised creations I’ve ever seen. At every step I was shown how they were coming on and they were just fantastic!

My nightmare before christmas wedding cake topper and jack and Sally wedding favours were made by the talented Brave as Love.

The lovely girls at LeKeux Events did my bridal hair and makeup and made me feel a million dollars.

Anyone wanting exactly what they want for their wedding need look no further than this amazing event. Everything is possible here and no idea is too crazy. If anything, the crazier the better!