Flower Power by Folkey Dokey-Dried Flower Accessories and Arrangements

We are so pleased to welcome brand new Mo’ Flo’ to our eclectic flock, Folky Dokey,

Folky Dokey is a small floral creative based in Derbyshire and run by maker and designer Geraldine. Folky Dokey pieces are handmade to order using locally sourced, home dried, preserved flowers and grasses wherever possible, to create beautiful, EWEnique accessories for the non traditional bride that will last for years to come.

We caught up with Geraldine to see why she cant wait to get to EWE!!

What has inspired you to come to the Extravaganza?

I tend to avoid wedding fairs usually, they just don’t excite me and then I heard of EWE, now I can’t wait to meet the couples and unique suppliers exhibiting……plus there’s a PARTY!




What Kind of Service do you offer and why will it appeal to our Flockers?

I create flower crowns, bouquets, wreath’s and wedding accessories from dried and preserved flowers for couples who want their flowers to last longer than the guests hangover’s. Preserved flowers have been treated so that they look fresh for years to come, they come in some amazing  colours and are fab if you’re getting hitched abroad.



What Inspires you and your business?

It’s probably been said before but it really is the  couples I work with, they’re just so diverse which pushes me to keep expecting more from myself and the ingredients I use. A working day can start by putting together a pastel pink wand for a flower girl and end with me adding the final black rose to a gothic bouquet. I never get bored! 



What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

Trust your gut, only you two know what works for you and if it doesn’t don’t be afraid to drop it. It really is all about EWE. 


Will you be offering any special offers or discounts for attendees at the show?

I’ll be offering 5 free buttonholes with every order over £100 to all EWE couples who attend the show



To see more from Folky Dokey, click the link below





Badass Brides flock this way!-Bespoke Bridal Dresses from The Couture Company

One of the founding members of the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, who can’t wait to get this flock back together again is Jo and the her team from the Couture Company.

The Couture Company knows that every bride is individual and their aim is too design and create a dress that will reflect just that. They work with each client all the way through the creative process; From initial consultation and design, through fittings to the finished gown so you get a dress that uniquely EWE!

What has inspired EWE to come to/create the Extravaganza?

We had done wedding fairs before the Extravaganza and they were always the same: generic, boring and lacking individuality. We knew the amount of amazing suppliers that were out there and the awesome couples that would want to see them. We wanted to give the opportunity for amazing and unique suppliers and couples alike to come together in one weird and wacky wedding fair, so along with Sassy, Vikki and now Yasmin, we created the the Extravaganza. This time around we have not just one but 2 days and A PARTY. We think its going to be the best one yet!!This is why the we can’t wait to get back to the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza and it is the only wedding fair we do.

What do EWE love about the show?

We love the Extravaganza as it gives exhibitors the chance to show off their amazing products/services and meet unique and quirky couples who want a wedding that reflects them. Its always fun, it’s always relaxed and did we mention it has a party?!?! what more could you want 🙂

What kind of service do you offer and why will it appeal to our

At The Couture Company, we specialise in custom made, alternative, quirky,unusual and unique bespoke bridal wear. Designed and made with the understanding that each one of our brides are unique and individual, we work closely with our clients to create their ultimate gown. All our gowns are made in house, made in England and most importantly made for you by an experienced team at our Birmingham boutique atelier.  Our aim is to make you look completely awesome for your special day.

What makes you unique?

Honestly….Our brides makes us EWEnique. We work closely with our lovely clients to produce a gown that is bespoke to them. We are always blown away by how inventive and original our brides can be and aim to totally incorporate these aspects in their dress. They totally inspire us to push boundaries and be as creative as we possibly can.  So whether you want a dress covered in tattoos, a fairytale frock covered in creepy crawlies, a colourful kimono or even something in emerald green cheetah print, if we can do it, we will. If we can do that , and be confident it will look awesome then we will pull out all the stops(and spots) to make it happen for that client.


How would you describe your business/service/products in three words?

Creative bespoke couture 

Are EWE going to be running any exclusive offers, competitions or discounts at the show for attendees at the show?

Yes, in conjunction with Assassynation, we will be running an awesome competition to win an £1000 discount off the cost of your wedding photography and wedding dress combined.
Remember “EWE got to be in it to win it!!”



What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

This is YOUR day so do it YOUR way.



Have EWE had any awesome couples book you from the show? 

Yes, We have had some truly AMAZING couples from the show:

Jess and her polka dot frock with leopard print bow

Emma and her amazing Kracken inspired dress

Jess and her green leopard print and tattooed dress

Karen and her gorgeous goth queen gown

Emma’s coloured lace and polka dot dress with sugar skull and blink 182 tattoo

To find out more from The Couture Company, click the link below


As EWEnique as You Are!Bespoke Ceremonies by Jessica May Ceremonies

 Coming back to our fabulous flock this year is Jessica May Ceremonies.

Jessica May is an Independent Celebrant who aims to give you a wedding ceremony that is unique to you. By choosing Jess to create, tailor and conduct the ceremony, you can have something a bit more personal and are free to celebrate wherever and whenever you like

 Read on to see why Jess is excited to meet EWE!!


What has inspired EWE to come to the Extravaganza?

I was inspired to come to The Extravaganza because it is the Only Wedding Show worth going to, and I don’t intend to ever go to any others!


What do EWE love about the show?

I love it for its quirky, unique style, its very cool and appeals to the customers I aim to continue to attract. I love meeting up with the other like-minded exhibitors.
I love the show because there is always a fantastic atmosphere and plenty of new ideas and gorgeous people to mingle with, all of them slightly keen to do something creative or different and unique for their wedding. It is such an innovative show full of enthusiasm and people very passionate about what they do.



What kind of service do you offer and why will it appeal to our flockers?

I offer a service as an Independent Celebrant. This means that I create and conduct unique, bespoke wedding ceremonies for people. My informal style attracts a wide range of customers looking (like most All About Ewe customers) to do something unique, individual and a little different.


What makes you unique?

I am unique in my field in that I offer a service which is neither secular nor religious. I am happy to include Spirituality where needed, and I’m not a humanist, but am equally happy to tailor a ceremony to an Atheist or a mixed-faith marriage.


What inspires EWE and your brand/business?

My inspiration comes from a commitment to enabling people to celebrate their lives and significant occasions within them. I love to encourage people to do what feels right for them, and to introduce them to new ideas and concepts where requested. Usually people know exactly what they don’t want and very quickly realise that they know what they do want too. My strength and passion is in listening. Most of my work is about listening and preparation. I tend to draw the greatest pleasure and joy from my work in discovering my client’s vision with them and participating in that creatively through listening.

Three words to describe my business?

Unique, Creative, Personal.



What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

My best advice for Brides and Grooms planning their weddings is to do what they want and ignore everyone else, and to have confidence in their own ideas and not to worry about what other people will think.  


Are EWE going to be running any exclusive offers or discounts at the show for attendees at the show?

My exclusive offer is to offer a £50 discount to the first person to book me for their wedding.


Have EWE had any awesome couples book you from the show?

I booked an awesome couple from your show called Gilly and Simon and they had an amazing kitsch cliff-top wedding in Aberystwyth in Wales.


To see more from Jessica May Ceremonies, click the link below


A Sinful Supper!! Seven deadly Sins- Alternative wedding inspiration

What do the EWE suppliers do on their days off? They bring their wedding awesomeness into creative projects like this, The Seven Deadly Sins shoot!!


Everyone thinks that the wedding industry is a world of beige or all hearts and various shades of white and pink but we are here to bring together creative and unique individuals who are trying (and succeeding) to break through this stereotype.

Most of them (who we like to call The Baaad asss Mother flockers) you will find as part of the alternative wedding collective known as the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza a.k.a EWE….their motto is “Don’t be a wedding sheep!! It’s all about EWE!!”

As a wedding photographer who specialises in unique, alternative weddings I wanted to pull together a shoot to show case the incredible skills of some very talented people that have helped form our band of Bad Ass Mo Flo’s over the last few years (and some new folks too).
The ‘EWE’ team!!

The shoot was based on the idea of the last supper for the seven deadly sins with a Gothic Horror twist. The video is a work of art from Richard Wakefield who wanted to bring a real American horror story feel to it and it is actually pretty terrifying…..you’ve been warned!!

<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/aCcZ7wbeDXI” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

The amazing venue was absolutely perfect for my “Old Masters” vision of the shoot. Woodchester Mansion has an interesting history and is rumoured to be haunted. It’s a beautiful venue which also holds weddings. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and right on our doorstep in the Cotswolds!!

I involved my awesome EWE partner Jo and her team at the Couture Company based in Birmingham (U.K.) to create some gorgeous bespoke gowns specifically for each character. Focussing on Lust , Envy and Wrath they created the most wondrous and perfectly complimenting outfits for those diverse and strong characters. Their looks created in partnership with the dream hair and beauty team made up of my long time friend and incredibly talented hair artiste Zarla, and the wonderfully creative make-up artistry of Natalie Flewitt.

We were absolutely overjoyed when the incredible and somewhat famous U.K. gruesome cake designer Annabel from the Conjurer’s Kitchen agreed to sculpt some gory and gluttonous cakes to suit the theme. There was a mouldy looking Croquembouche and an incredible gluttony inspired cake with teeth and marzipan maggots!!

Set creation and floral design was magic’d up by the epic Amy and Amanda from Ava Event Styling. The intricate birds nest style centre pieces and fantastic floral creations and styling were out of this world and the set dressing brought every creative involved into the story perfectly.

On top of this I was lucky enough to have talented crockery designer Charlotte Clarke, whose ceramic masterpieces were individually created with each and every character and sin involved. We also had the superb stationer Satin and Tat come up with the some epic tarot card style cards for the table.

I’m a huge believer in diversity and this usually comes out in my model selection. I am incredibly lucky to have some amazing diverse and creative friends who all did an amazing job. I am particularly proud to have had Syluss, who’s a friend of mine who I’m utterly inspired by as he’s a very proud transexual gentleman who’s designing his own clothing range to help educate the world and help the trans community be proud of their journey.

Our Pride was played by the amazing Virgin Xtravaganza who is one the most insanely talented London drag stars and was perfect to play the role at the very centre of the shoot.

Envy was played wonderfully by Jen aka Roughened Rosebud.

whilst we called on my good friend and personal tattooist Nic to be our Lust. She was our luscious Lolita in Red we saw her unrequited advances to our faded rock star Sloth played by my friend from school Frazer.

Wrath was played by my old pal Taz,and she is just the best for getting into the zone on a shoot, and believe me with her screaming and clawing at me from 6” away from my camera lens I was totally freaked out.

Last but not least was the amazing Vikki who stripped off to be our Gluttony, she really threw herself in to the role despite the chill in the air!!

This shoot was so much fun to pull together. I will be forever grateful for the huge team of creative people we had involved in the shoot. Whilst I know it might not inspire couples to go full Gothic horror for their big day I hope it shows that you can be brave and do things your way.

Original concept and photography by Assassynation
I: @assassynation F: www.facebook.com/Assassynation W: www.assassynation.co.uk

Cinematography by Richard-Wakefield Photography
I: @richardwakefield F: www.facebook.com/richardwakefieldphotography W: richard-wakefield.co.uk

Venue – Woodchester Mansion
I: @woodchester_mansion F: www.facebook.com/pages/Woodchester-Mansion W: www.woodchestermansion.org.uk/

Styling by Amy from Ava Event Styling
I: @avaeventstyling F: www.facebook.com/avaeventstyling W: www.avaeventstyling.com

Dresses by The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns
I: @coutureco F: www.facebook.com/The.Couture.Company W: www.the-couture-company.co.uk

Cakes by Conjurer’s Kitchen
I: @conjurers_kitchen F: www.facebook.com/conjurerskitchen W: www.conjurerskitchen.com

Crockery by Charlotte Clark Designer Maker
I: @cclarkedesignermaker F: www.facebook.com/CharlotteClarkDesignerMaker W: www.charlotteclarkdesignermaker.co.uk

Suit for Greed – Frank from Urban Village Vintage Clothing

Pride’s outfit – Model’s own
Pride’s Headpiece – Hysteria Machine
I: @hysteriamachine

Stationary by Satin and Tat Wedding Stationery.
I: @satin_and_tat F: www.facebook.com/satinandtat W: www.satinandtat.co.uk

Shoes – Frankie Lynn’s Shoe Emporium
I: @frankielynnshoemaker F: www.facebook.com/FrankieLynnsEmporium W: www.frankielynnemporium.com

Hair by Zarla
I: @zarla_hair W: www.zarla.co

Makeup by Natalie Flewitt Make-Up Artist
I: @natalie_flewitt_mua F: www.facebook.com/natalieflewittmua W: www.natalieflewittmakeup.com

Wardrobe assistant – Yasmin Farrell

Photography assistant – Jason Jones

Pride – Virgin Xtravaganzah
I: @virgin_xtravaganzah F: www.facebook.com/virginxtravaganzah W: www.virginxtravaganzah.com

Wrath – Tarren Malham
F: www.facebook.com/rubyloustattoos

Lust – Nic Smith
F: www.facebook.com/songbirdtattooexeter

Sloth – Frazer Hooper

Envy – Roughened Rose Bud – Model
I: @roughenedrosebud F: www.facebook.com/Roughenedrosebud

Greed – Syluss
F: www.facebook.com/transgentlemansguild

Gluttony – Vikki Lafford-Garside
W: www.liliia.co.uk

Head over Heels for Bespoke Shoes by Bunny Pumpkin Boutique

First time to the show this year is brand new Mo’ Flo’ Bunny Pumpkin Boutique.

At Bunny Pumpkin Boutique, Jen specialises in designing and creating bespoke hand crafted shoes. Knowing that every bride is different and EWEnique, Jen can create your perfect shoes in your style to make you feel as good as you look.

We caught up with Jen to find out more for EWE!!



What has inspired EWE to come to the Extravaganza?

I moved to the Midlands 18 months ago from Wiltshire, and met an amazing group of women, 8 of which were getting married within the following 12 months. And all of these awesome women had one thing in common; they were all definitely not your “average” bride to be. White meringue dresses and traditional styles were very much not included in their big days.  These ass-kicking women were in the market for something different, something unique and their tastes were assuredly eclectic!

As I got to know them more I discovered some more similarities, more than a couple were devotees to Jo at Couture Company and I was honoured to be asked by lots of these brides to be to create their wedding shoes and accessories to complement Jo’s incredible dress designs. As my time in Birmingham went on I also met Sassy at Assassynation Photography when she photographed another friend and customer of mine in May 2016, and she introduced me to EWE.


What do EWE love about the show?

I have been so inspired by Both Jo and Sassy as well as all of the brides I have met in Birmingham and the message that they send to all the other brides to be. You don’t have to fit into a traditional mould, you can have the day you want, however alternative your tastes and there will be someone at EWE who will help you to fulfil those desires, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!



What makes you unique?

Bunny Pumpkin Boutique is a brand who works with you to create your perfect pair of shoes and matching accessories. All of our shoes are hand stitched and made to your specifications, whether that is a killer heel, a wide fit, flats or sizes which are more difficult to find in high street brands. We also create matching heels and flats for when you want to hit the dancefloor.  We work in collaboration with our customers to make their dreams become a shoe reality, whether that is to match a dress or incorporate a passion.  As well as shoes we also make a growing range of veils, birdcage veils, hair pieces, garters and bags to match your eclectic wedding ensemble.



What inspires EWE and your brand/business?

We are heavily inspired by the amazing people we meet, some of the customers we have worked with over the years have inspired whole ranges as well as one customer who inspired our bestselling design. Current trends also factor into our design processes, whether that is fashion trends on the catwalk or what is loved by the people we really care about, our friends, colleagues and customers.


If we were to describe our brand in three words they would be;

Unique often outrageous!


What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

If I was to offer a piece of advice to brides and grooms to be, it would be to pick your maid of honour, best man and bridesmaids well, you’re going to need them! And to choose what makes you and your partner happy, stuff whatever anyone else thinks! It is your day and have whatever you want, eat whatever you want and dance to whatever you want!


Are EWE going to be running any exclusive offers or discounts at the show for attendees at the show?

Over the weekend we will be offering a 10% discount to anyone who orders within 4 weeks of the event after meeting us, we will have special discount cards to give out which you can redeem on ordering. We will also be offering a special group discount when you order the brides and bridesmaids shoes and/or accessories. 


If you want to see more from Bunny Pumpkin Boutique, click the link below




EWEnique Sweet Treats by Emily’s Best Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop

First time to the flock is brand new  Mo’ Flo’ Emily’s Best Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop.

Bringing treats and sweets to your wedding, Emily’s Best is an entire, pop-up sweet shop, fully staffed, stocked with 30 jars of all the old favourites and personalised for EWE. Being one of a kind and completely unique, Emily’s Best is a magical glimpse into the past, sure to delight your friends and family and make EWE feel like a kid in a candy shop.

See why Ruth can’t wait to party with EWE!!

What has inspired EWE to come to the Extravaganza?

We have met and worked with several of the Flock before and we kept hearing about this amazing show – something completely different and would be right up our (quality)street. We just couldn’t stay away!

What do EWE love about the show?

We’re really looking forward to being inspired by the other talented suppliers, as well as all the original ideas of the couples who we’ll meet on the day. And a party – we never say no to a party!



What kind of service do you offer and why will it appeal to our flockers?

Our pop-up sweet shop brings that ‘kid-in-a-candy-store’ feeling to your big day. Watch as your guests’ eyes gleam in delight – everyone, kids from 2 to 92, will remember this for years to come! Offering unlimited sweeties from our complete, old-fashioned confectionery emporium, our vintage sweetie ladies will serve you, your friends and family joy, wrapped up in a stripey paper bag.

Perfect to entertain people whilst your photographs are being taken, our shop gets people chatting as they share their sweetie reminiscences.

 Pop our Golden Tickets on your place settings as a Ewe-nique favour, and every guest will feel that ‘Willy Wonka’ excitement as they exchange it for a big bag of something they love. And make sure your evening guests have something to welcome them as they arrive too – we often stay on into the evening, providing a sugary boost to get people up and dancing!


What makes you unique?

We offer that true, glorious sweet shop experience, and there is absolutely no other service like ours out there!

 Your very own sweet shop will be stocked with big glass jars of treats, there’s something for every taste (special diets are catered for, nobody misses out here!) – what’s more,  we’ll even get your personal favourites in stock for you. And speaking of unique – can you imagine a more unusual wedding portrait than the two of you in your very own sweet shop?



What inspires EWE and your brand/business?

We love the feeling of doing something in the best way it could possibly be done. Down to the last detail, we revel in getting it ‘right’. And we adore unusual requests – themed and quirky weddings have us practically skipping with glee – I can’t tell you how much fun we’re having this year for instance, creating a full-on ‘Honeydukes’ Harry Potter inspired sweet shop. We’re even going to get to dress up. Literally, can’t wait…


How would you describe your business/service/products in three words?

Authentic Sweetie Joy!



What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

Do what makes your souls happy. And there’s no time that’s not right for a flying saucer. Actually, this doesn’t just apply to wedding planning – it’s pretty much our mantra for life!


Are EWE going to be running any exclusive offers or discounts at the show for attendees at the show?

Book us at the show and we’ll make your sweet shop Ewe-nique to Ewe, with our bespoke personalisation package for up to 100 guests free of charge (usually £105.) This includes a personalised sweet shop sign that you can keep afterwards as a memento of your special day, personalised sweets and sweetie bags with your own special message on


To see more from Emily’s Best Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop, click the link below


Custom Cakes and Sweet Treats by Peggy Sue’s Confectionery Company

 Joining us for their first time at the flock this year is Peggy Sue’s Confectionery Company.

Peggy Sue’s Confectionery Company is ran by Steph, whose mission is to bake and create cakes that are indvidual to each customer. Steph specialises in designing bespoke pieces, so along with input from the client and a bit of imagination, Steph ensures they get a creation as EWEnique as they are

Read on to see why EWE is the only show for Peggy Sue’s Confectionery Company.

What has inspired EWE to come to the Extravaganza?

Annabel of Conjurers Kitchen spoke to me about the show as she thought it was something I would love to be a part of.. she was right! I read up on the show and I was hooked straight away, I haven’t previously done wedding fares as I never felt they were right for me and what I wanted to create, but this show is the perfect fit and I can’t wait to start creating some awesome display cakes for it!

 What do EWE love about the show?

I love that people are encouraged to not only celebrate who they are as a couple, but also who they are as individuals. When I got married I heard the word ‘traditional’ thrown about A LOT.. but what does that really mean? All that meant to me was, oh this is what everyone else usually does. But this show isn’t about having A wedding, it’s about having YOUR wedding. And I love that.

What kind of service do you offer and why will it appeal to our 

I make bespoke celebration cakes and confectionery, I love to get to know the customer/couple and what they are passionate about, as it means I can create cakes that truly represent them… the more unique the better! One even included an edible severed finger and a toilet roll on fire…. because why not?! 

 What makes you unique?

My customers and their amazing ideas, as everything I make represents them or their loved ones. I am at my happiest when they trust me enough to just tell me everything they love and let me go mad with ideas and create something for them. 

What inspires EWE and your brand/business?

I love to create anything with lots of detail and fun themes. I have a passion for everything from tattoos to gaming and film/TV shows, so particularly love incorporating that with cake design. I am also trained in patisserie and confectionery so I love to create other edibles too not just cake, my chocolate skulls were one my favourites.

 What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

Look at it as a massive party to celebrate how awesome you both are, be true to each other and remember its about you both… not keeping others happy.

Are EWE going to be running any exclusive offers or discounts at the show for attendees at the show?  

Any bookings made at the show will receive 10% discount off the final cost of their wedding cake.



To see more from Peggy Sue’s Confectionery Company, click the link below


Catering Company and Street Food Extraordinaire- Food Van from Coco Labelle

 First time at the flock for our brand new Mo’ Flo’s, Coco Labelle

Coco Labelle is the ultimate in fusion food using fresh British local ingredients to serve you food from their countries of origin: Mauritian , Jamaican & Sicilian Cuisine.  Coco Labelle are a catering food van who have the best catering solutions to keep your guests happy throughout the day and night!They can cater for your event even if there is no kitchen nearby!

Read on to see why Coco Labelle chose to come to EWE!


What has inspired EWE to come to the Extravaganza?

I cannot wait to be with EWE for this amazing Fair! I will be showcasing my gorgeous mobile catering vintage van to all you lovely brides!I’ve picked EWE because this is a really exciting fair that shows you how awesome and special your big day can be! Out with the traditional! Out of the box with brand new ideas which are often more cost effective!


What kind of service do you offer and why will it appeal to our

I make exotic delight foods and we’ll be giving our sample tasters and our menus for you to look over!

What makes you unique?

Our beautiful mint green van is a showstopper, we tour the uk festivals serving delicious Island foods and everyone stops to take a picture with the van! At previous weddings, the van has been a sure winner with the groom telling us that everyone is talking about the food!

What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

I always advise my brides to really eat what you and your fiance love! Why settle for a meal that doesn’t tickle your taste buds! Look around at different caterers, whats your favourite meal or whats your most memorable holiday together where you ate amazingly!? note those down and look out for caterers who will do just that and bring you right back to those special moments!

Are EWE going to be running any exclusive offers or discounts at the show for attendees of the show? 

Cant wait to see you there! Come say hi! Come taste! And we’re giving a 10% discount to couples who book at the fair! Hoorah!


To see more from Coco Labelle, click the link below


Fun Photographers You’ll Just Click With!!-Fearless Photography by Andy Li

Joining our flock this year and bringing some photography fun is Andy Li Photography.

This awesome husband and wife team love people, cakes and parties so being able to work at weddings is a dream come true. They like to get to know each of their couples before their wedding so they may come to your wedding as photographers but, they’ll leave as friends….after some very long goodbyes that is 🙂

Read on to see why Andy can’t wait to PARRRRTTTTYYY with EWE!!!


What has inspired EWE to come to the Extravaganza?

The party. We are definitely coming for the party!  No, seriously, we love the ethos behind EWE and always encourage people to have the kind of wedding they want, not to just follow the usual wedding rules and traditions just because it’s what you are supposed to do. We love weddings that are as individual as the couples themselves.


What do EWE love about the show?

It’s bringing an amazing selection of wedding suppliers together and we can’t wait to be part of that.



What kind of service do you offer and why will it appeal to our flockers?

I’m a photographer, and Leanne creates fun Wedding Highlight Films.  We blend in and have fun with the guests, there is nothing formal about us and we are often called ‘guests with cameras’.


What makes you unique?

We approach weddings from the inside out, and love to get amongst the action.  We meet with and get to know our couples before the big day (this sometimes involves Gin and a late night).  This really helps it all to flow on the day.  It’s a given that Leanne will cry during the ceremony, speeches or both!  Also, be warned…it takes us ages to say our goodbyes at the end of the wedding!



What inspires EWE and your brand/business?

We know we are ‘living the dream’, and are so grateful to be a part of such a special and amazing day.   It is never just another day at the office for us, we really LOVE what we do and this shines through.  The feedback we always receive is that we are like having friends shoot the wedding.


How would you describe your business/service/products in three words?

Fun, natural and creative.



What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

Be prepared for your day to fly by in a whirlwind of fun, emotion, confetti, cake, booze and dancing!  Make sure you take time out with your new husband/wife to take it all in.  (Also, definitely have a new project after the wedding to avoid any post-wedding blues!)


Are EWE going to be running any exclusive offers or discounts at the show for attendees at the show? 

We are offering a HUGE 10% off any bookings for couples who attend the show.


Have EWE had any awesome couples book you from the show? 

Not yet, we are really looking forward to our first EWE!


To see more from Andy Li Photography, click the link below



Have your Cake and EAT IT!!-Vegan Friendly and Bespoke Wedding Cakes by Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

Joining our flock for the first time ever is Sarah from Tiny Sarah’s Cakes.

Loving all things wedding and cake related, Sarah is the perfect addition to our Mo’ Flo’ family. All of her cakes are vegan friendly and knowing that all couples are truly unique, Sarah never makes the same cake twice so you get a cake that is truly exclusive to EWE!! 

Read on to see why Sarah can’t wait to meet EWE!

What kind of service do you offer and why will it appeal to our

My favourite cakes are wedding cakes. That is just because I’m totally and utterly obsessed with weddings. I’m planning to do a vow renewal for our fifth anniversary because I physically need to plan another wedding-y party!!! 

But I don’t make traditional wedding cakes – I make unique, custom, tailored and alternative cakes because if everyone is unique, then every couple is unique too, and there is no reason why everyone should have the same cake! On the contrary – cakes are just for fun. They’re not mandatory to get married, they’re not particularly healthy, they’re not work. They’re literally just FUN. (And tasty and freaking fantastic if you want my opinion.) So why have a normal cake? Normal is BORING! You’re not boring. Have a wonderful cake. And no wonderful cake is a copy. Have YOUR cake. (And eat it.)



What has inspired EWE to come to the Extravaganza?

This show is just perfect for me, to be surrounded by like-minded business owners, and brides and grooms! I can’t wait to hear everything about your weddings, your themes, your colours, your inspirations. It will be GRAND.



What makes you unique?

I make totally custom and unique vegan cakes, mostly with organic ingredients. Not all of my customers are vegan – that’s because my cakes are so good you cannot tell the difference. And you can trust me on that – I’m a professional, French-trained baker. Us French do NOT joke about cakes. We take them extremely seriously. (Yeah yeah, I know what I said earlier. But I take it extremely seriously so you only think about it as fun. That’s my job. To make your cake fun. In all seriousness.)



What inspires EWE and your brand/business?

I’m inspired by… everything. Colours, animals, cities, works of art, stationary, clothes. EVERY LITTLE THING. I’m the Apollinaire of cakes: marvel at everything. 

How would you describe your business/service/products in three words?

Whimsical / cute / quirky



What would be your best piece of advice for future brides and grooms planning their weddings?

My best piece of advice is not original at all. But… just chill. And have fun. Have fun planning your wedding because if you don’t there is absolutely no point in doing so – you can just go get married without a wedding. So if planning is something that is going to make your life difficult – don’t. But if you want a wedding – enjoy the ride!!! Things don’t really matter. I was supposed to have pink and purple hair for mine, and the dye fucked up, I woke up the morning of the wedding with pink and blue hair. And I didn’t give a fuck. We didn’t have time to set up half of what we had made for decor. It does not matter. You will feel so much love on that day that absolutely NOTHING will matter. So enjoy. Enjoy because it’s only once in a lifetime (unless you’re like me and you’re planning to renew your vows every five years). 



Are you going to be bringing anything special to our show?

I will have boxes of cupcakes and boxes of sweets for sale on the show! The cupcakes are a great way for you to taste my cakes and decide that YES, you want to hire me, as I use the same recipes for tiered cakes. And if you want to order a sweet table, the sweet boxes will be a great taster too! Plus cake, there’s never any need for an excuse to eat cake (it’s somebody’s wedding and somebody’s birthday somewhere).



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