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The Bond Company, Fazeley St, Digbeth, Birmingham


2017 date to be announced soon

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All about EWE…. As wedding industry peeps ourselves we wanted an event that brought together some carefully selected (by us!) suppliers who offer something a bit EWEnique and different. All the suppliers (aka The Baaad ass mother flockers) chosen are known for their talent,  great customer service and lovely personalities. We are challenging the Mo-Flo’s to create amazing spaces to showcase their work (rather than your usual white clothed trestle table with stuff on!)….this will make it more exciting for you guys and much more relaxed. There will be  fashion ‘walkabouts’ showing off some of the gorgeous outfits, as well as some fantastic prizes to be won , fun demonstrations , and some activities for your little lambs to get involved in to make it a family friendly  interactive experience. Basically we want you to have fun, and not feel like your a lamb to the slaughter (I am sure you have all been to those wedding fairs right!?) or have to fight off cheesy disco dave and his amazing, never seen before, lighting rig that’s clearly been bodged together by him! Just click on the links above to see who’s shaking up wedding fairs as we know them and which Baad Ass Mother-Flockers will be there for your viewing pleasure….go on we dare you!! Just look at the pictures from the last shows…..seeing is baaaalieveing!!!